Reeta Sinkkonen’s background

Reeta Sinkkonen was born and raised in Puumala, a small town in the Eastern Finnish lakeland. In 1989, when she was 18 and graduated from upper secondary school, she got a job on a Birka Line cruise ship (Mariehamn–Stockholm) and moved to Mariehamn, Åland. After this, her career in the travel industry took her to Spain and Portugal.

She intended to start sea captain studies in Rauma, Finland, but an opportunity to move to Tokyo, Japan, felt more intriguing. From Tokyo, she moved to the United States, first to Manhattan, New York, and onto Vermont. After Vermont, Reeta and her family lived a life of two homes, one in the U.S. and one in Finland, for over a decade. In total, Reeta has over 30 years of experience of living in different countries with different cultures.

She wrote her International Business BBA thesis in 2000 on the repatriation of expatriates in their home organization. The thesis also touched on her personal relocations, even though this was not her original main idea. All in all, the thesis was a comprehensive study of adjusting to new environments, exploring cultural contacts through different countries, and the surprising challenges related to repatriation. Writing the thesis, Reeta got a strong feeling that, in the future, she would like to help expatriates and companies with international assignments. This marked the start of Reeta Sinkkonen’s business, which was officially launched in 2001. In 2007, the company was turned into a joint-stock company called Sinkkonen Consulting Oy. Reeta is still driven by the same motivation and, according to feedback gained over the years, she, indeed, helps individuals as well as organizations succeed with international activities and personnel relocations by making them as flawless as possible and using energy on the right topics.

Reeta Sinkkonen is the author of the book Onnistu ulkomaankomennuksissa (“Succeed with foreign assignments”) published by WSOYpro in 2009 (in Finnish only). The book is available from Alma Media’s web shop, for example. Reeta Sinkkonen is a leading Finnish expert in international assignments, employee transfers and expatriate matters. Link to the Alma Media web shop, where you can order Reetta’s book Onnistu ulkomaankomennuksissa.

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