Sinkkonen Consulting Oy’s background

Sinkkonen Consulting was established in 2001 and changed to a joint-stock company as of the beginning of 2007. Sinkkonen Consulting Oy helps companies and their employees succeed with international assignments, both in Finland and abroad. The company’s approach is largely based on the owner Reeta Sinkkonen’s personal experience of different cultures around the world. It is personal and flexible and accounts for different situations and different people. The company has an extensive cooperation network of specialists who have experience-based expertise in different areas and cultures.

Sinkkonen Consulting maintains regular contacts with its customers and their contact persons. Reeta Sinkkonen personally manages all customer accounts, coordinates all coaching courses and handles relocations. This personal, hands-on approach equals quality of service.

From the very beginning, Sinkkonen Consulting Oy has been closely cooperating with the leading international expert organization Deloitte Oy. Deloitte offers a wide variety of business management advisory services, such as consulting, auditing, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, as well as legal and tax advisory services. Deloitte has a personnel total of 286,000 employees around the world, 550 of them in Finland.

Sinkkonen Consulting’s services are suitable for any company with international operations, as well as companies with multicultural personnel. The company’s current clientele includes several leading Finnish companies conducting extensive international business in various industries, as well as smaller new companies that are at the verge of internationalization.